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Library staff would appreciate your comments and reactions about problems encountered using the Information Databases web site. Please respond to the following questions. You do not have to include any personal information. If you want a response from Library staff you must include at least an email address. However, staff time is limited, and all replies are dependent on available staff time

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1. Describe any problem encountered while using the Information Databases web site (all the other questions are for commenting on the web site). Try to include information on what database was being used, date and time, and details of the problem, including any error messages recieved:

2. How did you hear about the Information Databases web site?

3. Were the available commands, and options clear enough for you to use the Information Databases without difficulty?

4. Did the information available help you without having to travel to the Tacoma Public Library?

5. Did the Information Databases work well on your computer system? Did it load quickly and display properly? If you had problems can you describe the possible cause, such as slower modems or a particular brand of browser, etc.

6. Were any features of the Information Databases web site annoying to you?

7. Do you have any suggestions for improvements?


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The Database Problem Report form allows any user to post or tell Library Staff information about any problems with accessing or using Library or commercial databases that are made available through this web site. This feature is designed to allow us to identify problems with accessing Library and commercial databases. By posting any information you give us royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide right to allow other people to view and use your content, and to use, distribute, display and create derivative works from this content in any and all media, in any manner, in whole or in part, without any restriction or responsibilities to you.

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The information you share about this web site can be sent anonymously, in which case there are no privacy or personal information issues to worry about. If you do send us identifying information -- e-mail address, name, mailing address or phone number -- the Tacoma Public Library will use this information only for the purpose of responding to the message you send to the Library and in enriching or correcting the information on this web site. The Tacoma Public Library will not store or use that information for other purposes.

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